Holly Harrah_Columbus.jpg

Holly Harrah
Columbus, ohio


Holly has been in the restaurant industry since 2001 as the Internal Auditor for Cameron Mitchell Restaurants and Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern, where assists the managers, executive team and home office to ensure accountability of all funds.

Before joining the restaurant industry, Holly worked in the Air Freight business for DHL Airways for 15 years. She enjoys the fast pace and challenges of both industries.

Holly is also an award-winning Amateur Photographer with several awards for one of her photographs of New York City. When she’s not working, she’s usually out with her camera. She also enjoys making quilts for babies and sewing toys for kids in need. Her sobriety began 28 years ago and her life has changed because of it. She is happy to be able to give back, help others and be a part of the Ben’s Friends chapter in Columbus, Ohio.

You can reach Holly at hharrah@cameronmitchell.com