Steve Palmer and Mickey Bakst start F&B support group for drug and alcohol addiction


Sober Support

Posted by Kinsey Gidick on Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 9:46 AM

At the height of his addiction, Charleston Grill General Manager Mickey Bakst would wake up, pour a tumbler of Stoli Vodka, top it with grapefruit juice, and do a five-inch line of cocaine. "Then I'd go to work," he says. That was 34 years go. When his heart had to be resuscitated after a binge, it seemed like he might clean up his act, but Bakst fell even further. "I woke up in a straightjacket in an insane institution in Detroit," he recalls. It was after that, that Bakst finally sought help. 

"AA saved my life," he says.


Jaci Lund