Busy Living Sober Visits Charleston, SC


Busy Living Sober Visits Charleston!

When it comes to recovery, the South – specifically Charleston, South Carolina – is ahead of the curve in helping people fight addiction and changing the stigma.

I am in awe and envious of all the resources available to the students at the College of Charleston, and to the employees that work in the food and service industry. When I visited this past week, I had the pleasure of spending time with two of the most innovative and dynamic gentleman that are spearheading these efforts: Wood Marchant and Steve Palmer.

Wood Marchant invited me to come to the College of Charleston and speak to the students involved with the Colligate Recovery Program (CRP). Approximately ten students were in attendance and they all were there for one purpose – to stay sober and be active in school. The members of this small community were passionate and energetic. They shared the common goal of getting through life's ups and downs without the use of any drugs or alcohol. That is an enormous undertaking, given that college is historically known for partying. CRP Director, Wood has given these students a safe a comfortable place to go to be with like-minded individuals in a warm and inviting environment. Students are able to connect on a deeper level with Wood because he himself went to the college and he is also in long-term recovery.

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Jaci Lund